Pro Box Inc.

Booth: 1437
Steve McVille
1 713-671-0646
Address: 3807 Oates Road
City: Houston
State / Region: Texas
Country: USA
Postal Code: 77013

ATTENTION SHIPPERS: Are you tired of paying demurrage for your Carrier Owned Containers? Carrier saying, “You can’t take our boxes there”? Need to keep the container for an extended period at the destination? If you answered yes to any of these, you need Shipper – Owned Containers, and we’ve got them, cargo-worthy certified, NATIONWIDE. We can also supply some destinations across the globe for your projects.  Now you know you need and SOC, and the Carrier is saying “You need a Cargo-Worthy Certificate” or “pictures of CSC plates” or “unit numbers” before they will take your booking?  We supply them. Come learn about the sizes and types we offer, and see how we can provide options and insight for your next shipment requiring SOCs. Oh, by the way, sit down, relax and have a foot massage while you’re at our booth!

Oates Road 3807
Houston 77013 TX US
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