Kyungki Kim
University of Houston, College of Technology

Located on the exhibition hall floor, Hall A, Booth 200

Thursday, Oct. 19 – Ongoing throughout the day

Gamify Training with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Forget the manuals—experience immersive game-based safety training. The UH research team focuses on transforming the paper-based safety training into an immersive game-based safety training. The developed safety training program puts the trainees into a virtual environment where they need to identify potential safety hazards around them and respond accordingly. Put on the AR/VR headset and test your abilities to identify and respond to virtual hazards.

Robot in the Plant

See how robots with complex sensors map material handling and monitor respirable dust in real-time. This research aims at continuous monitoring of complex operation environment using sensors and mobile robots. 

Kyungki Kim
Department of Construction Management
University of Houston, College of Technology

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